"Melissa Goldstein's love of rifling through old things, her deep knowledge of photographic history, her unerring good taste, her incredible patience with paperwork, her attention to detail, and her general good cheer make her the ideal partner for any writer contending with the complex, sometimes maddening process of illustrating a book."

-- Benjamin Moser, author Sontag: Her Life and Work and Why This World: A Biography of Clarice Lispector 

Melissa Goldstein has all the qualities that are important to me: Knowledge, intelligence, impeccable taste, a great eye, resourcefulness, reliability and conceptual inventiveness. 

--Elisabeth Biondi, Visuals Director The New Yorker 15 years, currently independent curator, writer and teacher.

Melissa Goldstein is the consummate picture-research professional and archivist, able to unearth the photographic diamonds in the rough. Focused, efficient, resourceful, and charming, she has dazzled top-flight clients as varied as Vanity Fair, Random House, and filmmaker Peter Jackson.

--Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair from 1992- 2017, currently editor of AIRMAIL

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